Sports events for organisers and visitors

Venues, knowledge and experience for all competition levels

Many organisers of sports challenges are aware that Slovenia has the right venues and experienced partners for organising all levels of competitions in all seasons. The country has hosted several European and world championships in various sports and age categories. Slovenia hosts World Cup competitions in various sports every year. Excellently organised qualifying matches and team sport championships, popular recreational events and appealing competitions with special challenges are additional proof that Slovenia is the right choice of organiser for competition events, contestants and their fans.

Partners for your sports events

When planning sports events, talk to experts in your branch of sports. Let the representatives of Slovenia's sports associations help you in your decisions.

Sports agencies for training and event organisation

Slovenia's location in the heart of Europe, short distances within the country and excellent sports and support infrastructure alleviate many organisers' concerns about logistics, accommodation, catering and access to sports facilities. Experienced and professional teams of sports agencies and companies involved in the planning and promotion of sports events provide invaluable assistance in the organisation of sports competitions.


Slovenia's excellence for organisers of sports events

365 days

Modern sports halls and stadiums and an extraordinary diversity of natural features for outdoor competition events in any season.

All categories

Capacities, organisation, logistics, support and accommodation for various sports and all age categories.

Top-level and recreational

Experience and references from international cups, championships and matches involving elite athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts and contestants engaged in special challenges.

Partners in organisation

Connections with sports federations, local organisers and professional partners for various aspects of sports events.

Commitment of volunteers

Well organised volunteers with legendary commitment take part in the organisation of sports events.


In easily accessible Slovenia, everything is within easy reach: sports infrastructure is linked to appropriate tourist capacities.

You can count on sports federations

Let your Slovenian peers help you choose the right location and in the entire organisation of your training camp. Consult with representatives of the relevant sports federation. It can also arrange friendly matches.

List of sports federations

Traditional outdoor venues

Slovenia has six winter venues that host World Cup competitions in alpine skiing, Nordic disciplines, biathlon and snowboarding. The country also has established venues for individual international competitions in summer sports, with a particular focus on aquatics. Cyclists traverse the length and breadth of Slovenia, marathon runners navigate the streets of Ljubljana and rock climbers put their skills to the test along the scenic coastline.

sport events_winter_Planica

Winter sports venues

Slovenia has six winter venues that host World Cup competitions in alpine skiing, Nordic disciplines, biathlon and snowboarding.

Annual sports venues

Slovenia features established venues for international sports competitions, including those that host World Cups and European and World Championships. In addition, prestigious international competitions are held annually at various venues throughout Slovenia.

sport events_summer_tour of slovenia



Slovenia has beautiful artificial walls for climbing. But perhaps more importantly, we live in a truly fascinating country that offers a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of challenges. Let's just say it was an honour to climb the highest chimney in Europe. And since it can be found in Slovenia, it was an especially enjoyable challenge for me. Still, one can’t just climb. Sometimes it’s nice to go for a run – such as to the magnificent natural wall below Triglav.

Janja Garnbret,

Sports climber Olympic and multiple world and European climbing champion

Stadiums and halls for major sports competitions

The main venues for team sports in Slovenia are the Stožice stadium and hall in Ljubljana. Major international competitions are also held in Celje, Koper and Maribor. In addition to team sports halls and facilities, Slovenia has a number of other prominent competition venues, including Olympic swimming pools, gymnasiums, climbing centres, ice rinks, athletics stadiums, horse and cycle racing tracks and speedway tracks.

Sports training venues

sport events_amateur_Soca outdoor

Traditional recreational competitions

Slovenia is a country of sports. Almost 70% of the Slovenian population participates in recreational sports in all seasons, and 60% of adults participate in recreational sports for more than 2.5 hours per week. Mountaineering and hiking, cycling and running are among the most popular sports in Slovenia, and from spring to late autumn, there are a number of recreational sports events aimed primarily at hikers, cyclists and runners.

Keep up to date with the latest sports events in Slovenia

There's always something to cheer about in Slovenia. You can join the frenzy of cheering on sports stars at prestigious international competitions in a wide range of sports and recreational events. You can also test your sporting passion at recreational events and try-outs featuring unusual challenges.


Experience a frenzy of cheering for an unforgettable competition atmosphere

Slovenia is not only home to great athletes, but also passionate fans. Their heartfelt support for their favourites creates an exceptional fan atmosphere that is immediately captivating. All in the spirit of fair play, of course. The positive fan atmosphere is further enhanced by a wide range of side events and activities that entice fans to visit Slovenia and cheer on their athletes.


Slovenia: An experienced host of major sporting events

In addition to traditional international competitions, Slovenia has proved itself as the host or co-host of numerous European and World Championships. In the last decade alone, it has hosted 15 such championships.


  • FIBA European Men's Basketball Championships (Celje, Jesenice, Ljubljana, Koper)


  • UEFA Futsal Euro (Ljubljana)


  • European Men's Volleyball Championship (Ljubljana)


  • FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Planica)


  • IBU Biathlon World Cup (Pokljuka)
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championships (Celje, Ljubljana, Koper, Maribor)
  • FIS Snowboarding World Championships, Rogla


  • FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championships (Ljubljana)
  • EHF European Women's Handball Championship (Ljubljana)
  • Ice Hockey World Championships, Division I (Ljubljana)
  • World Hot Air Balloon Championships (Murska Sobota)


  • European Youth Olympic Festival (Maribor)
  • FIBA European Women's Basketball Championships (Ljubljana)
  • European Rowing Championships (Bled)
  • FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Planica)


  • FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championship (Planica)
  • ECA Wildwater Canoe Slalom European Championships (Tacen)
  • EHF European U-21 Handball Championship
Slovenia, a top sports destination

Slovenia, a top sports destination

Welcome to the land of exceptional sports culture. Get to know the possibilities of why Slovenia is an excellent sports choice for the successful implementation of sports preparations and the organization of recreational and top sports competitions.